How to write a story by 5th form Winter

Posted on noviembre 26, 2018

5th Form Winter presents…

‘How to write a story?’

Fifth formers have been writing a lot. The children are learning how to write using Mind Maps™, notes and dictionaries.

The topic chosen for this occasion is animals.

Making use of the resources previously mentioned and their imagination, the kids are working hard to write wonderful stories.

Writing has many benefits:

  • It encourages children to use their imagination.
  • It develops reading, writing and language skills.
  • It helps children to maintain vocabulary and expand it.
  • It develops self confidence and identity.
  • It teaches children about empathy.
  • It helps children to relax.

Sofía A. – Santino – Tomás – Morena – Gaspar – Julia – Guillermina – Camila – Maia – Bindu – Marcos – Helena – Felicitas – Juan M. – Sofía L. – Carola – Simón – Matías – Juan P. – Gregorio